New Watt

Founded in 1995 New Watt, is a young company, linked to a strong commitment to quality, I D of innovative techniques, both in the formation and organization of its human resources, as well as employed marks.We want to let you know the benefits of a technology applied to improve the sound and lighting. Our work consists of the interaction of these services.

New Watt, has been, since its establishment a success given their constant effort to provide better and more extensive services in the market in the best possible economic and competitive conditions, supported by its qualitative customer portfolio.

New Watt, is a company dedicated to the rental of sound and dramatic lighting in all its aspects: rent of electronic materials, public installations, design and sales of professional mobile teams or PA system, service of technical assistance, mobile discos, concerts, direct, festivals, etc...

The assignment of New Watt, is desenvolupa in tots els àmbits of the so professional.

The work of New Watt, takes place in all areas of the professional sound.We them present a selection of major brands with whom we work.